32nd International Symposium on

Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

August 26 – August 31, 2007


Upon arrival at Prague Ruzyně Airport: MFCS 2007 Information Desk

The organizers offer you the assistance in Prague Ruzyně international airport at the MFCS 2007 Desk located at the exit from customs at Terminal North I.

The Desk will be open on Sunday August 26, 2007, from 13:30 to 20:30.

The map of airport

For individual assistance or in a case of emergency, do not hesitate to contact the organizers (Action M Agency) at the number +420 602 762 267 between 13:30 and 20:30 on Sunday August 26, 2007.

Serviced Praha – Český Krumlov and back Transportation

The transportation from the Prague Ruzyně Airport to Český Krumlov will be provided by 2 conference buses on Sunday, August 26, 2007.

The buses leave from the airport at 16:30 and at 20:30.

The transportation back will be provided by a bus leaving Český Krumlov on Friday August 31 at 17:00 and we plan to arrive to the International Airport Prague Ruzyně after 20:30.

The transportation fee is 300 CZK in one direction.

Please, inform us by marking Serviced Praha – Český Krumlov option on Registration & Booking Form in a case you are going to use this option.

For logistic reasons, the deadline is August 20, 2007, 12:00 GMT.

Individual Praha – Český Krumlov and back Transportation

You can also travel to Český Krumlov individually by the public transport buses. They depart from the Praha-Florenc, Praha-Na Knížecí and Praha-Roztyly stations:

Bus No. Leaving Prague Final Stop Notice
Na Knížecí
Platform Český Krumlov
133101/1 7.55 25 10.40 working days + Saturday
133101/3 8.15 25 11.30 daily
133441/3 8.30 1 11.30 Saturday, Sunday
133441/5 8.30 1 11.30 working days
133101/5 9.00 25 12.00 Saturday, Sunday
133107/7 9.45 21 12.45 Sunday
133101/7 9.55 23 13.00 working days + Saturday
133101/9 11.15 25 14.00 Sunday
133101/11 12.45 25 16.00 working days
133107/5 13.00 21 16.00 Sunday
330111/22 15.25 5 18.50 daily
133102/5 15.50 1 18.30 Sunday

For the journey back, you can use the following buses:

Bus No. Leaving Český Krumlov Final Stop Notice
330111/21 5.20 8.25 Praha-Roztyly daily
133101/2 12.40 15.50 Praha-Roztyly daily
133101/4 14.20 17.10 Praha-Na Knížecí Saturday
133101/6 14.20 17.25 Praha-Roztyly Sunday
133441/4 15.15 18.20 Praha-Na Knížecí Saturday, Sunday
133101/8 15.30 18.20 Praha-Na Knížecí working days
133441/6 16.10 19.15 Praha-Na Knížecí working days
133101/10 16.15 19.00 Praha-Na Knížecí Sunday
133101/12 16.45 19.40 Praha-Roztyly Saturday
133101/14 17.15 20.15 Praha-Roztyly working days
133102/4 17.15 20.00 Praha-Na Knížecí Saturday
133107/4 17.30 20.30 Praha-Roztyly Saturday
133107/8 17.30 20.30 Praha-Roztyly Sunday
133101/16 18.30 21.15 Praha-Na Knížecí working days
133102/2 19.15 22.00 Praha-Na Knížecí Friday
133101/18 19.15 22.00 Praha-Na Knížecí Saturday
133102/6 19.15 22.00 Praha-Na Knížecí Sunday

(You can find more about the connections in the IDOS time-table system.)

The recommended way of getting from the airport to the bus terminals is:

You can find more about public transportation in Prague at the Prague Public Transit company, or specifically about metro at MetroWeb. You can also find information about Český Krumlov, including transportation and maps at the Český Krumlov tourist service pages.

From the airport to Prague city

You can use one of the following means of transportation:

Public transportation in Prague

Public transportation – metro (subway), trams, and buses – works excellently in Prague. It operates from 5 a.m. till midnight, and there are special night trams and buses. Tickets can be bought in yellow vending machines (in each metro station) or at news-stands for CZK 20. A ticket must be time-stamped upon boarding a bus or tram for the first time or at the entrance to the metro. A time-stamped ticket remains valid for the next 75 minutes. As long as the ticket is valid you can make as many transfers as you wish. A one-day card can be purchased for CZK 80, a three-day card for CZK 220 and a seven-day card for CZK 280.

For more information regarding tariffs, routes and timetables please visit the pages of the Prague Public Transport company.

Travel documents

You need a valid passport to enter the Czech Republic.

Citizens of most EU countries, U.S.A., Israel, and some other countries do not need a visa for short-term visits. However, due to changes made in policy recently, citizens of some countries, e.g., Canada now do need a visa to enter the Czech Republic.

Since the regulations can change, we suggest checking the website of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs or with the Czech Embassy or Consulate in your country about regulations for your nationality.

Our travel partner

To check your travel option, ask Pelikan.


Modified: 28 Jul 2007